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Wheat flour big volumes best quality export Russia products

Sankt-Peterburg | Created: 22 January 2021, number: 102
  • Condition: Select 
We offer the following products for regular deliveries.
Product: Wheat flour 1c (first grade).
Specification according to the requirements: gluten-26.6%; humidity -14.4%; whiteness-48-52 CU.;
ash content-0.60%; protein-13.2%; raw gluten -30.0%; gluten, quality -
84 idc units;
Packaging: paper bags polypropylene bags net 50 kg. It is possible to apply the customer's logo and information on the packaging in one or more languages.
Payment currency: USD or EUR - for export deliveries.
Minimum shipment quantity: 5,000 tons.
Terms of delivery according to Incoterms 2010:
- EXW warehouse
Export inspection: Inspection of the goods before shipment. SGS certificate of quality and quantity of shipped wheat flour 1c (first grade). The buyer pays.
In the presence of all the necessary documents and certificates for wheat flour 1c (first grade) for export.
We ship wheat flour 1c (first grade) for export to any country in the world.
The shelf life of wheat flour 1c (first grade) is 12 months from the date of manufacture.
The price quotation of wheat flour 1c (first grade) is issued only after the buyer's request, containing: product name, quality requirements (or compliance with a certain GOST, other standards), type of packaging (material, weight, need for a logo + buyer's information), quantity (tons), payment currency, delivery terms according to Incoterms 2010, payment form. It is also desirable to specify the target (pass-through) price for wheat flour 1c (first grade).
We are interested in new buyers of wheat flour 1c (first grade) and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.
PACKAGING: 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg.
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Agro Export
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