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Organic sugar bulk wholesale from Russia

Sankt-Peterburg | Created: 1 June 2022, number: 390
  • Condition: Select 
We offer you sugar wholesale and small wholesale in bags of 50kg and packaged in 1kg. In addition, we supply exotic types of sugar (cane, crystal, crushed, etc.) to restaurants and corporate customers. We cooperate with leading sugar producers. Our own delivery service allows us to work out your delivery requests promptly. It is worth noting that our assortment also includes products of the sugar group, packaged in portions of 3-5 grams.
Background information. Sugar is one of the most common foods. It is used to add to various foods, less often as an independent product. In everyday life, sucrose is called sugar. In the human digestive tract, sucrose is quickly broken down into glucose and fructose, their assimilation in the body occurs quickly enough, then they become a source of energy.
India is considered the birthplace of sugar. Initially, a person learned to extract sugar from sugar cane, later from sugar beet. In Russia, sugar has been known since the XI –XII century, but it was inaccessible to ordinary people, only people from the upper class could taste it. At the beginning of the XIX century, our country began to produce sugar from sugar beet near the city of Tula.
At the moment, sugar is more often made from sugar cane stalks in the world (60%), production from sugar beet is in second place.
Sugar factories. We supply sugar wholesale in bags of 50 kg from the following sugar factories: Gribanov sugar Factory (Voronezh region), Livensky sugar Factory (Oryol region), Korenovsky sugar Factory (Krasnodar Territory), Zemetchinsky sugar Factory (Penza region), Kolpnyansky sugar factory (Gribny, Oryol region), Sadovsky sugar Factory (Voronezh region), Yelets Sugar Factory (Lipetsk region), Dmitrotaranovsky sugar Factory (Belgorod region), Dinskoy sugar Factory (Krasnodar Territory), Chernyansky sugar Factory (Belgorod region), Pereleshinsky Sugar Factory (Voronezh region), Ertilsky sugar Factory (Voronezh region).
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Alexey Export from Russia
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Alexey Export from Russia
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